Born and raised in Los Angeles, I'm a longtime member of the publishing community here.
I was Managing Editor at Jeremy P. Tarcher, Inc. and Executive Editor at Knightsbridge
Publishing Company before setting up shop in 1992 as a writer and collaborator. I’ve been working with authors across the United States ever since.


communication  •  business  •  management and leadership  •  memoir

popular culture  •  parenting  •   psychology  •  relationships

working with you

I provide writing and ghostwriting services to support your work and/or your book.
I'm here to:

  • brainstorm book or article concepts
  • develop a book proposal
  • ghostwrite or collaborate with you on your book
  • write guest blogs and articles
  • write any other type of material to promote your work, your cause, or your book

There are lots of approaches to working together. I can interview you and write from the transcribed interviews—it's a fun and painless way to capture your voice and ideas. Or you may prefer a more hands-on approach to the writing. How we go about it depends on what's most comfortable for you.


Lynette Padwa    author  | ghostwriter  |  book doctor