Lynette Padwa 

author | collaborator  |  ghostwriter


​ Background

I'm an award-winning, bestselling author with more than 25 years' experience in publishing. In addition to writing my own books, I've collaborated with experts from the fields of business, entertainment, motivational speaking, psychology, parenting, and more. Born and raised in Los Angeles, I'm a longtime member of the L.A. publishing community: I was Managing Editor at Jeremy P. Tarcher, Inc. and Executive Editor at Knightsbridge Publishing Company before setting up shop as a writer and collaborator. 


Popular Culture • Business • Memoir • Parenting • Psychology • Communication

Working with You

I provide writing and ghostwriting services for projects large and small. I'm here to:

  • Brainstorm book concepts

  • Develop your book proposal

  • Ghostwrite or collaborate with you on your book

  • Write guest blogs and articles

  • Write content to promote your work, cause, brand, or book

​If we're collaborating, the process is customized to your needs. I can interview you and write from the transcribed interviews—it's a fun and painless way to capture your voice and ideas. Or maybe you prefer a more hands-on approach to the writing. How we go about it depends on what's most comfortable for you, your timeline, and your goals.